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A side-scrolling hack and slash deck-building game.

Side scrolling Hack and Slash action with card base skill

50+ Unique enemies you can fight and capture

Deck building with 100+ spirit cards

Summon captured enemy to battle as a spirit 

8+ levels for to explore - Beautiful beach, Volcanic fortress,

Lush forest and more

40+ Guns and weapons to be used

Highly detailed hand-animated pixel-art backgrounds, characters, and animations

Spirit Mancer

Adventure in a fantasy world as modern - day demon hunter, Fight and capture a huge variety of unique demons, and Summon them as your allies on your journey to defeat the demon queen and save the world.

Welcome to the “Inferno”

​Explore a surprisingly beautiful Inferno reign by the evil queen. Planning to invade and wage war against your world as a demon hunter you must stop her by joining forces with many unbelievably friendly allies to fight against the hordes of demons and put an end to her evil reign.


the Inferno

Adventure in a huge world of Inferno

Summon the eternal dragon

Become farmer, Do some Agriculture

Enjoy party life!

Fishing for treasure!



Prodigy demon hunter master of magic and mystic arts. Beautiful and talented, She's trying to find her unknown parents and why are there fox ears growing out of her head after she entered the Inferno.


A genius inventor and technician of the demon hunters at a young age. She's not as skillful as others but with her invention, she is second to none. She wants to learn more about demons and believe human and demon can co-exist peacefully


Legendary demon hunter with a drinking problem. assigning to be a mentor to a new generation of demon hunters. Wishing one day he will be able to meet the love of his life again.


​A skillful demon hunter trained to be proficient with all weapons from swords to firearms with too much self-confidence. Unfortunately, granted with "Spirit Mancer" a demon arm that gives demon power to him.

Concept Art

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